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Antique Pocket Watch Repair And Restoration

Pocket Watch Repair

Keeping Time Since 2007

Enjoy the unique experience of carrying these mechanical works of art after we've restored yours, many of which are into their second century of service, still running on the original mainspring.

Custom Work

Now that your collection has grown it's time to show them off in a handsome custom-made display case, built to your design with your choice of hardwoods, finishes and hardware.

Timepieces For Sale

Histories and Tutorials

The American Watch Companies

Discover the histories behind the American watch factories from the railroad era in the 1880s, including production totals, dates, facts and trivia, and the people who made it all happen.


What Makes Your Watch Tick

Learn all the parts of a watch, the basics of jeweling, railroad standards, configuration styles, movement sizes, winding and setting, types of dials, things to avoid when buying, and more.


Customer Feedback

Find out how we got started and what people think of us.