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My name is Eric Unselt, and welcome to my site. I'm a former electrical engineer who left my job years ago to restore watches professionally, and like the majority of my customers I am also a dedicated collector.

I'm a firm believer in the preservation of American history and against those individuals who part out watches and melt gold cases for profit. I'm solidly in favor of doing things right the first time, and that shoddy work or band-aid fixes have no place in horology or any other vocation.


Seth Thomas Research

I also own and maintain the Seth Thomas Research website, which was  launched in 2015 to reconstruct the factory's 30-year output of pocket watch production and recognized by the NAWCC as a resource in 2017.


My First Watch

My father found this scarce Hamilton 993 laying in the weeds along the Erie Canal in New York over 40 years ago. He was a line foreman for the electric utility company and was working storm with another lineman.

They both went for it, but Dad was quicker.

Online Reviews


Drew F, Virgina

"Eric expertly repaired my antique watch when I couldn't find anyone else to do it at a very reasonable price, and treated my watch as it was to me - a precious family heirloom."

Pete R, Texas

"I cannot overstate the level of professional quality and service I experience when dealing with Eric. His workmanship, skill, knowledge and attention to detail are more than impressive."

Mike A, Oregon

"The reason that I am willing to send my antiques from Oregon clear across this continent for repair is that you can trust your precious antique to Eric.  He gets it RIGHT the first time."

Joe B, Pennsylvania

"Eric's level of knowledge,  skill at his craft,  and dedication to achieve perfection is very difficult to find these days. If you are looking for an old-world craftsman to return your old-world mechanical masterpiece to original, then American Timekeeper is your answer."   

Fred O, Hawaii

"If you are looking to have a pocket watch restored so that it looks and performs as it did the day it left the factory then send that watch to Eric.  Absolute perfection done at reasonable prices."  

Eric W, New Hampshire

"Eric is the most thorough and exacting watch restoration provider I have ever worked with.  His knowledge and workmanship are unequaled." 

Customer Feedback

More Satisfied Customers

"There are many watch repair folks available; one only needs to go down to the local jewelry shop and let some schmuck tear up your valuable keepsake ... but to find someone that will treat your watch as their own from beginning to end you have to send it to Eric at American Timekeeper, and I guarantee you will be thrilled by the results."  --  Jerry K,  California

 "Eric restored a treasured family heirloom carriage clock for us four years ago, when no one else could, after decades of trying. It still works perfectly to this day, a testament to his expertise and superb craftsmanship.  Professional and knowledgeable, there are simply no better hands for your watch to be in. He is the best."  --  Jennifer D,  Canada 

"I have bought many watches from American Timekeeper.  The prices are very reasonable and the watches are better than advertised, arriving on time in great condition."  --  Ron R,  Delaware.

“Eric is an outstanding watchmaker, in the truest sense of the word.  His horological knowledge is amazing, and he is able to completely restore your watch, so that you can claim any watch he has worked on is in “original” condition.  Accuracy of your watch is of the utmost consideration too; your watch will always tell great time when you get it back.  I would trust my finest watch to his knowledge and craftsmanship.”  --  Chuck H,  Idaho

"I was left my grandmother's mantle clock that was not working. I sent it to American Timekeeper, and not only did they get it running, they fabricated a part in-house, and gave me a value and brief  history of the clock.  Now I sound like an expert when friends and family ask about the clock, and it runs beautifully.  Thank you!"  --  Jack S,  Virginia

"Eric's work is to an extremely high standard, giving you a full breakdown on what work has been carried out and to guide you on repair and cost. Always a pleasure with communication and an expert in his field, offering a whole range of fabulous old watches for sale in incredible working condition.  I know that if I send him a watch it comes back in full working condition, and the attention to detail is way beyond my expectations.  If you want to buy a pocket watch or have one repaired, I can highly recommend Eric at American Timekeeper."  --  Barry H,  Ohio


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