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American Timekeeper

PO Box #1 - Darien Center, NY 14040

(585) 547-9989

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Privacy Policy

All customer information - name, location, mailing and email addresses, phone numbers, payment methods, and collecting preferences - is held in the strictest confidence. 

Nothing will get shared with anyone else without your prior written or verbal consent. 

The Disclaimers

  1.  An invoice will be sent when the work is completed to your satisfaction, with a reminder being sent after 10 days, and another after 20 days. If unpaid after 30 days the piece will be considered abandoned and may be sold to recoup repair costs.
  2. I reserve the right to refuse any watch that will likely turn into a money pit, or one that will end up being a disappointment for both of us. I may also refuse any customer who is exceptionally rude or makes unreasonable demands.
  3. I believe in the preservation of our history and keeping American-made heirlooms here in America. I am also strongly against those individuals who part out watches and melt gold cases for profit, so I will refuse service to any customer openly engaging in or knowingly giving patronage to anybody doing either of these things.
  4. The photos posted here on the website are protected by intellectual property rights, and may not be uploaded or copied. Any photos of the finished piece that are sent as a courtesy will have my copyright and watermark on them to discourage piracy.