Pocket Watch Repair

Whether you're an enthusiast with a large collection or simply trying to get that family heirloom fixed, we know how to get these tiny engines running properly. Trust us with your grandfather's pocket watch for expert repairs that will take just a few days.

Full Restorations

Turning Back The Clock

Do you want your antique pocket watch restored as close to factory-original as possible?  We can do that.

Broken parts, mismatched hands, and missing screws all detract from the value and beauty of your heirloom timepiece, so when it leaves here every component will be matching and correct, a new mainspring and crystal installed, the dial whitened, and the case degreased in a chemical bath.

Restorations starting at $95

COA - Clean, Oil and Adjust

Regular Maintenance

Do you enjoy carrying your watches?  Routine servicing is important.

The movement is completely disassembled and all the parts are cleaned in an ultrasonic bath. Checks are performed on the balance wheel, gear train, and mainspring. Reassembly using synthetic oils is next, followed by positional accuracy testing on the digital Timegrapher.

COAs starting at $75

Display Backs

When You Really Want To Show It Off

We can mill the caseback into a bezel, add a glass crystal and turn your watch into a showpiece. 

Only certain types of cases make good candidates, so be sure to contact us first.

Display conversions starting at $65

Specialty Watches


Having a fuel gauge is a handy thing, and that is precisely what the 4th hand on a wind-indicator displays - how much run time is left on an unspooling mainspring.

Wind-indicator work starting at $195 


Chronographs combine a stopwatch with a pocket watch by incorporating a center sweep hand that counts off the seconds, providing a method for timing an event.

Chronograph work starting at $195

Verge Fusees

Although verge fusees are centuries old and could never approach the accuracy of the anchor pallet escapement, they are able to keep time to within minutes per day.


Fusee restorations starting at $165 

Pendant Watches

000-size watches require special tooling and extra steady hands. All work must be done under the stereoscope and while any fabrication takes time, these take exceptional effort.


Pendant watch work starting at $125

Staff Manufacturing

Hardened Drill Stock

We carry drill stock in all sizes up to 2.5 mm. 

Carbide Tooling

Roughing out a balance staff on the lathe.  

Custom fabrication starting at $65/hour 

Diamond Polishing

The finished staff ready for installation. 

All The Extras

Dial Refurbishing

A clean dial was a requirement back in the days of railroads, so we offer basic repairs of all sizes of glass-enamel and metal dials. 

Dial refurbishing starting at $25

Hand Bluing

Wartime material shortages meant using acrylic for crystals, which yellowed and caused the hands to rust, but we can fix that.

Hand bluing starting at $15

Hardware Bluing

Nothing sets off the gilt plates on a watch movement like blued hardware, whether it's jewel screws or a regulator assembly.

Hardware bluing starting at $15

Enamel Replacement

Harsh chemicals can scrub the enamel inlay from the plate engravings, so we offer enamel replacement in several colors.


Enamel replacement starting at $25


Curious what your watch is worth?

Watch Guides are an excellent starting point, but they are not the price Bible - just because it's printed there does not automatically entitle you to that amount, because condition, rarity, and originality all count. The open market is always the best indicator of value, cycles and trends, so patiently observe auction houses to see what similar pieces sell for.

We'll give you a realistic idea of what your watch is worth, not an inflated value for insurance fraud or a lowball price so we can buy it for cheap. Send us photos and we'll speak over the phone.

Have It Appraised

The FAQs

Do you give estimates?

Of course, but we have to see the watch first, or at least sharp, well-lit photos of the piece instead.  

What is your turnaround time?

Roughly 2 to 3 weeks, depending on whether parts can be found, or if we have to fabricate them. 

Do you work on wristwatches?

We do not. Our area is American pocket watches from the early 1800s up to the mid-1900s.

Do you guarantee your work?

Once it's in the hands of the US Postal Service it's out of ours, but if your watch fails in a reasonable amount of time because of something we missed then we will of course make it right. If you drop it in the parking lot at work because you didn't have it chained, then that's on you.  

How much will it cost to fix my watch?

Most of the prices are listed above, but once your watch gets on the bench we will write you with a rough idea. Unless the piece is rare or has sentimental value, there is a financial cut-off point for every timepiece, because not every watch is worth repairing. If yours is coming close to crossing that line we will have a conversation about how far you wish to take the restoration.  

All The Little Parts

Current pricing on most of the common replacement parts and the cost of repairs.

Parts Price sheet

Payment and Shipping

Forms of Payment

We accept Paypal, both personal and cashier's checks, money orders, and cash in US funds only.

For repair work please click the Pay Now button below to use Paypal. 

Shipping, Insurance and Packing

We use the US Postal Service and any insurance is entirely your choice, both sending and receiving. Please make sure that anything you send us is securely packed in a sturdy cardboard box with plenty of padding!

The shipping/mailing address is on the  Contact page.

Watch Repair Invoices