Specialty Services


All The Extras

We offer a wide range of services that are parallel to the restoration of watches, such as photography, tool restoration and powder coating.



Providing Provenance

Intact variants of rare or exceptional watches are usually worth more at auction, so it's helpful to have visual proof of matching serial numbers. We can document all of the marked or stamped parts of your watch through the camera lens and send you large jpeg files for safekeeping.

Documenting starting at $35


What Your Piece Is Worth

Appraisals are opinions, nothing more. A signed appraisal from an "expert" is slightly ridiculous, as though it somehow guarantees that price, since your item is only worth whatever the highest bidder is willing to pay. We'll give you a conservative price range of what your piece would likely bring at auction based on past examples, taking into account the variant, its rarity and condition, and the production totals. The fact that it's old doesn't necessarily mean that it's the Holy Grail. Send us clear photos and we'll speak over the phone, not through some silly pop-up chat box.

Staking Set Refurbishing

Like New Again

 Other than your screwdrivers, there is no more valuable tool to a watchmaker than a quality staking set. Your worn K&D can be made new again by stripping and refinishing the case with the hinges and latch polished out. The anvil plate can be refaced and the stakes and stumps cleaned of rust, with the tips trued up and demagnetized. Missing pieces may also be available.

Pricing varies by set


Backing Up Your Pieces

We offer studio-quality photography for one piece or an entire collection. Photo files on memory sticks are valuable for a variety of reasons, like insurance purposes, resale or trade, keeping track of a large watch collection, or just for simple viewing enjoyment.

Photography starting at $35

Powder Coating

Perfect For Lost Chrome

Powder coating is an excellent substitute for lost chrome finishes on a variety of tooling, like staking anvils, lathe beds, and drive motors. The item is stripped in the bead blasting cabinet, which is far less abrasive than sand blasting, and then painted in pebble-texture matte black.

Pricing varies by item