Custom Work

Cabinets and Display Cases

Horological pieces with your choice of lighting and hardware:

  •  Watch display cases
  • Crystal cabinets
  • Watchmaker's benches
  • Domed displays
  • Parts cabinets

Write us for pricing and lead times.


Curious what your watch is worth?

We'll give you a realistic idea of what your watch would bring at auction, not an inflated number for insurance fraud or a lowball price so we could buy it for cheap.  

Send us photos and we'll speak over the phone.  

Leather Accessories

Braided Leather Straps

Prevent tragedies with these supple straps, hand-made one at a time from soft leather in a variety of styles, lengths, and colors. 

Two-Tone Straps

We offer two-tone straps with either color as the accent stripe. Let us know your choice and don't ask how they're made. 

Bow Protectors

Perfect for those who prefer chains, because they prevent the metal-on-metal contact that grinds bows thin. 

Safety Straps

This strap has a built-in shock absorber that stretches to prevent your watch from being pulled from your pocket. 

Leapfrog Braids

A much more elegant way to tether your watch than a lark's-head knot with a standard loop or a bow protector. 

Brass or Nickel Ferrules

All straps and bow protectors are offered with a choice of brass or nickel-silver ferrules and matching split rings. 

Leather Price List


Payment and Shipping

Forms of Payment

We accept Paypal, both personal and cashier's checks, money orders, and cash in US funds only. A deposit may be necessary.

For custom work please click the Pay Now button below to use Paypal.  

Shipping and Insurance

We use the US Postal Service for all the leather accessories and small display items, UPS for the medium-size pieces like parts cabinets, and a shipper for the really big pieces like a full-size watchmaker's bench. Unique hand-made items like these are generally not insurable.

Custom Work Invoices