The Accessories


Mahogany and Leather

Antique pocket watches should be displayed proudly, stored securely, and carried safely so that they last for future generations.

We offer custom hand-made wooden cabinets for presentation and storage, shelf stands for display, and a full line of leather straps to help keep you from dropping your favorite carry pieces.

Cabinets and Display Cases


Custom Pieces Made To Order

Show off your best watches in a custom-made display case in just about any design that you can imagine.

It could be a commemorative presentation box, a storage chest with trays, a mirrored wall display case, a cabinet for parts or glass crystals, a desktop piece with domes, or a portable watchmaker's bench - all with your choice of domestic hardwoods, finishes, hardware styles and even lighting. 

Write us with your idea, and for pricing and lead times. 


Shelf Displays

Acrylic Watch Stands

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Display your best pocket watches on these sturdy stands!

Each one can hold an 18-size open-face or hunting watch.

Quantity of 6.

Shipped FREE anywhere in America.

Watch Domes


Showcase your best watches under glass with a custom display dome!

Wood Species

We offer most domestic species of local hardwood - including red or white oak, maple, hickory, red elm, beech, cherry, and black walnut - in your choice of stains and finishes.

Different Sizes

The glass domes come in a range of sizes, with diameters measuring between 3 to 5 inches and heights of 4 up to 8 inches tall. The solid brass shepherd's hooks are bent using a special jig, allowing for different heights when using more than one hook.

Domes starting at $25.  Write us with your specifics, and for pricing and lead times.

Leather Accessories


Custom Braided Straps

Prevent tragedies with these supple straps, hand-made from top-grain leather in your choice of lengths and colors.  Keep one on each of your carry pieces and never drop a watch again.

Write us with your custom order today.  Quantity discounts available. 

Shipped FREE anywhere in America!

Trim Ferrules

Single Color - $25

Single Color - $25


All braided leather straps come with your choice of nickel-silver or brass ferrules.  Black usually looks best with nickel, while the warmer brass complements the brown shades of leather.  

Single Color - $25

Single Color - $25

Single Color - $25


This is a strong 4-strand braid using your choice of hides in lengths from 9 to 15 inches.  It comes with an upper loop for your belt and a thinner lower loop that attaches to the bow of your watch.

Twin Color - $38

Twin Color - $38

Twin Color - $38


We offer two-tone straps with either hide as the accent stripe, so pick your colors.  A length of roughly 12 inches is recommended, since anything longer will tend to snag on doorknobs and desk corners.

Split Rings - $8

Twin Color - $38

Twin Color - $38


1-inch split rings with a matching eyelet are available instead of an upper belt loop.  Again, brass looks best with brown leather and gold watch cases, while black and nickel go together on silver cases. 

Bow Protectors


Soft Leather

These are perfect for those who prefer chains because they prevent metal-on-metal contact, which is what grinds bows thin prematurely. Take your pick of leathers and eyelet choices of brass or nickel-silver, and keep one on every chain. They measure a half-inch by two inches.

$5 each.  Quantity discounts apply.

Payment and Shipping

Forms of Payment

Shipping and Insurance

Shipping and Insurance

We accept Paypal, both personal and cashier's checks, money orders, and cash in US funds only. A deposit may be necessary.

For custom work please click the Pay Now button below to use Paypal.  

Shipping and Insurance

Shipping and Insurance

Shipping and Insurance

We use the US Postal Service for all the leather accessories and small display items, UPS for the medium-size pieces like parts cabinets, and a shipper for the really big pieces like a full-size watchmaker's bench. Unique hand-made items like these are generally not insurable.

Accessory Invoices